Apply for a Special Import Certificate

Special import certificates

Only eligible veterinary surgeons can apply for a Special Import Certificate (SIC). Eligible surgeons must appear in the RCVS 'UK-practising' registration category. View RCVS category information.

SIC applications must be made by the prescribing veterinary surgeon, for medicines to treat animals under their care only.

Veterinary surgeons are not permitted to apply on behalf of others.

Before you apply for a Special Import Certificate

Ask your supplier:

  • the medicine's name and country of origin
  • the total amount of medicine needed for the certificate
  • who the importer will be

If import certificates are not currently issued for the product, you will need the medicine's data sheet and copies of the packaging, ask your supplier for them.

Before you can apply for any import certificate

All applications are tied to an organisation account. Each individual practice must have its own organisation account.

You must register your practice on the Veterinary Medicines Digital Service, even if it was previously registered on the Special Import Scheme
How to apply for an organisation account
  1. Choose someone in your organisation who will control which staff are associated with your organisation account. For veterinary practices it can be any member of your organisation. Your organisation is the practice from where you operate.
  2. Ask the chosen person to apply for an organisation account, that person will become the account’s administrator. The role of administrator can be transferred to another registered staff member at any time.
  3. Once the organisation account is set-up, the account administrator invites their colleagues to associate with the organisation account.
  4. To apply for certificates veterinary practices need at least one veterinary surgeon associated with their practice’s organisation account.

Veterinary surgeons will need access to their personal RCVS membership area when they create their account.

Apply for an organisation account

If your practice already has an organisation account, ask the account's administrator to invite you to join.

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Special Import Scheme

Applications for SICs can still be made through the Special Import Scheme.

To access the service go to Special Import Scheme